Day 1

Transfer Liberia Airport to Bijagua

Transfer Liberia Airport to Bijagua

Welcome and pick up at Liberia International Airport by your private driver for the land transfer to the picture-perfect and still, active Tenorio Volcano reigns over one of the most beautiful secrets in Costa Rica, Tenorio National Park.

Driving time: 2 hours approx.

Origins Lodge

Origins Lodge (4 nights)

Tucked up high on a mountainside with a 180º panoramic view of the valley laid out before majestic Lake Nicaragua, Origins is in the heart of Northern Costa Rica’s pristine mountainous rainforest.

Origins lodge offers an exclusive escape into a world shaped by Nature and tamed by Luxury. An incomparable opportunity for serenity within the wilds of the rainforest is an experience like no other. Where tranquility is part of their hospitality and adventure is in every possibility.

Origins is a connection back to the source of what enlightens and bring wonder to life. Marvel at the Bromeliad growing down from the living roofs, delight at the gardens colorfully planted rainbow of vegetables, or take a siesta on a hand-carved sofa. You will feel the art of nature wherever you roam at Origins.

By focusing on the versatility of one ingredient and using it in different ways throughout the menu, their cuisine will impact your palette, as well as, evoke a feeling of authenticity.

The cuisine is about savoring each individual flavor, so they use fresh ingredients, whether from their gardens and lakes or cultivated from the wild with flowers and forestalls not normally used in cooking.

The picture-perfect and still active Tenorio Volcano reigns over one of the most beautiful secrets in Costa Rica, Tenorio National Park. Hike to the volcano summit along the Lago las Dantas Trail which winds its way through the rain forest to cloud forest. This region serves as home to Ocelots, Jaguars, and Cougars along with Tapirs, Howler Monkeys, Toucans, and Sloths.

The other spectacular sight is the vibrant turquoise waters of Rio Celeste created by the volcanic activity of Tenorio and the sulfur it emits. Costa Rican legend has it that the gods dipped their paintbrushes into the river while painting the sky. A hike along this vivid blue river to its waterfall and a soak in several of its natural hot springs will no doubt, have you believing in the ancient legend.

With genuine intent to help you find inner peace and design a life of great fulfillment and joy, we’ve carefully crafted a unique wellness experience unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Set in a secluded space perfectly nestled in nature and illuminated in luxury, this experience offers the essential elements needed to escape everyday stress, rejuvenate and reconnect with your true self.

Find clarity and inspiration as you expand your understanding of holistic wellness with the dedicated guidance of a healer in the lush landscape of beautiful Costa Rica.

Arrival & Welcome

Arrival & Welcome

As I enter my spacious luxury lodge – an exclusive and tranquil oasis of my own – I immediately feel pampered and at peace. I admire the handcrafted canopy bed and relish in the remarkable 180° view over the estate, nearby volcanoes, and even Nicaragua Lake in the distance. A stunning sun symbol mirror hangs above me with a dangling rope attached, designed so that I can adjust the amount of natural light let into the room at any given moment with a gentle tug of the twine. Outside, a dreamy terrace with a fire-heated bath awaits me for a sunset soak. It´s simply incredible. I am home.

After I take in my awe-inspiring abode, I am invited to enjoy my first gourmet lunch prepared by the estate’s Michelin star chef. Origins serve some of the best cuisine in the country, featuring fresh ingredients harvested from the property’s own organic gardens or sourced from the shores of Costa Rica and the abundant local landscape. The El Salto Restaurant is intimate and impressive, with an expansive wine selection and a marvelous mirador (Spanish for “view” or “lookout”) upon the natural wonders of the wild.

The rest of the afternoon is free for me to rest and unwind after traveling from afar or to explore the open-air spaces, gardens, and amenities throughout the property.

After the sun sets, I retreat to the privacy of my lodge’s terrace where I meet my healer for an Intuitive Reflexology Therapy session. This unique form of massage therapy is designed to promote deep relaxation, stress reduction, and emotional release through focused pressure techniques applied to the feet and hands. My healer invites me to set an intention. My intention is to be open and ready to receive valuable insights and healing energy through the wisdom and guidance of my healer throughout my wellness journey.

As my reflexology session finishes with gentle music therapy, I close my eyes and allow myself to get lost in the melody and the sounds of nature softly singing to me from the forest. I focus on the peaceful present and on my intention.

My healer wishes me a restful evening and I retreat to my luxury lodge at my leisure. Perhaps, I choose to soak in the serenity of my private fire-heated terrace bath before dinner.

Day 2

Day two

Day two

I awaken to the sounds of nature calling me to enjoy the view from my terrace at sunrise. Waking up in paradise is priceless and the outstretch of jungle outside is both beautifully overwhelming and humbling. I hear howler monkeys and tropical birds beckoning me to connect with nature and enjoy every moment in this nirvana.

I wander through the lavish grounds and find my way to the outdoor yoga shala. The shala is a sacred space, an inspiring environment designed to nurture and support those who gather to learn yoga, share experiences and grow their practice. It is a space for seeking peace, reflection, and healing. The shala is intimate and immersed in nature. I settle in and prepare for my first private yoga session, intended to nourish my body, mind, and soul.

I meet my instructor and together we begin a yogic Corporal Alignment Experience, focused on correcting any core imbalances and enhancing body alignment, while improving concentration and fluency. I flow through asanas with gentle guidance and accurate assistance. There is nothing more beneficial than having an experienced instructor dedicated to my personal practice. It’s a rewarding one-on-one experience.

After my first yoga session, a delicious gourmet breakfast is waiting for me. The friendly staff describe that the eggs, honey and many other ingredients are grown in Origins’ own organic gardens. Naturally, everything is so delicious and fresh. The aroma in the air invites me to enjoy a variety of fresh breads and muffins that the chef has prepared just this morning.

After my morning meal, I am free to enjoy amenities such as the infinity-edge pool or a indulge seashell massage at the onsite spa.

Or, perhaps I’ll take advantage of the endless options of inclusive activities available to me at Origins. I can explore the raw luxury of the outdoors and the riches of the rainforest alongside a naturalist or expert guide. Exotic birdwatching, horseback riding, lagoon fishing, hiking and even night wildlife tours are all available. Or, I can ignite my senses and wander sensorial pathways throughout the Origins property with a passionate botanist who will enlighten me with insight on the local flora and fauna. I can learn about farm-to-table from the estate’s Michelin star chef and partake in a gourmet cooking class to inspire my inner foodie.

Of course, if I opt to venture outside of the estate and visit nearby natural wonders like the remarkable Rio Celeste or rappel into caves and canyons to feed an adrenaline fix, the caring and hospitable staff at Origins are eager and happy to help make arrangements for me to enjoy my day as I wish.

After a dreamy day spent at my leisure, it’s time to reconnect with my healer and continue on my wellness journey. We meet once again at the yoga shala where we begin my first Bidecodification session.

This powerful therapy is a beautiful self-exploration experience designed to identify any internal emotional conflicts that may be causing me disease or suffering. The goal is to uncover any emotional blocks that may be preventing me from building the life I truly want. Conscious awareness can allow me to heal, achieve peace of mind and a happy heart.

As this process comes to a close, the healer encourages me to focus on my breath and stay in the present as I am guided into a deep meditation. A calming and beautiful sound surrounds me as my healer utilizes cuencos Tibetanos (Spanish for “Tibetan bowls”) to deepen my state of relaxation.

Through my healer’s insights, I learn that vibration is the essence of the Universe. Everything around me has a frequency and all frequencies are interconnected. Frequencies have the power to affect other frequencies in both negative and positive ways. Thoughts, music notes, and movements can all have an impact on the body, mind, and spirit and we must seek out the positive, healing vibrations in order to relax, revitalize and thrive. I learn about the chakras and the art of achieving balance before my meditation therapy ends peacefully.

I part with my healer for the night as I prepare to savor another sensational meal.

Day 3

Day three

Day three

Origins has prepared something very unique to start my third day. My healer arrives at my lodge and from the comfort of my private terrace, I am guided through an Abhyanga therapy session. Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic self-massage practice that uses warm herb-infused oils to achieve balance throughout the body. It is considered one of the most nourishing and grounding forms of massage therapy and is a true form of self-love.

Before we dive in, my healer relaxes me with a sesame oil scalp massage. Then, I learn the step-by-step techniques designed to calm the nervous system, stimulate the organs, enhance circulation, detoxify the body, restore energy and enhance wellbeing. Together we work from the bottom up, gradually moving from my ankles to the top of my head. I am guided through the process so that I can continue to practice this self-therapy on my own. Once we finish, I am left alone to take a shower, which not only washes the warm oil from my skin but also enhances the benefits of the practice. What an amazing start to the day.

After a soothing shower, I meet my healer at the yoga shala for a second private yoga session. I practice linking movement with the flow of my breath, activating my core, building strength, and deep stretching. I build energy and balance all at once and learn how to be more conscious of all the different parts of my body. There is a genuine intention from my healer to teach me and guide me through my practice. I am blessed and grateful, and most of all content.

After a rewarding yoga session, it is time to replenish with a fresh, delicious breakfast and a hot cup of Costa Rican coffee. The aromas awaken and invigorate me.

After enjoying a stress-free day of decadence at Origins, the evening arrives again. It is time to continue the second part of my Biodecodification therapy in the comfort of the calming yoga shala.

After the healer reviews a summary of my first session, we continue the process. Now that we have identified internal emotional blocks, we focus on how to address them. Self-forgiveness, self-kindness, and gentleness are among the key ingredients for healing.

Biodecodification can be emotionally exhausting but it´s above all a very rewarding process. The lessons learned through this therapy are some of the most precious gifts I can give to myself. I accept and establish a mindset for achieving health and wellness through self-exploration and self-love. I learn habits and develop skills to practice in my daily life to work towards finding a higher purpose.

I feel complete and satisfied with this enlightenment. I am prepared to practice living positively and to face new challenges differently. I have discovered how to be gentle with myself in order to promote growth, inner peace, and happiness.

As my Biodecodification session comes to an end, my loving healer offers me a final ritual in the form of energy balance therapy and guided meditation. I am invited to focus on the present and surrender to the Universe. A familiar sound embraces me once more as the “cuencos Tibetanos” work their magic to send me healing frequencies.

My mind, body, and soul are open and ready to receive this peaceful energy. I acknowledge all of the divine insights I’ve received and the powerful efforts I have made throughout my wellness journey. I have learned how to truly love, nourish and heal myself to create a happier and more fulfilling life.

After this final therapy session ends, it is time to savor my gourmet dinner at Origins before I relish in a restful evening.

Day 4

Day four

Day four

Today I can choose to do some of the inclusive activities, bask by the pool, read a book, meditate, or be pampered at the spa (extra costs). The day is mine to simply be.

Exclusive onsite tours and activities (horseback riding, lake fishing, sensorial pathways, medicinal plant tour, flora tour, wildlife night walk, cooking class)

Day 5

Day five - Adios Origins & Costa Rica

Day five - Adios Origins & Costa Rica

The sun rises and I awaken to the gentle sounds of the jungle once more on my final morning at Origins. From my terrace, I take in the view for the last time. It is a sight I will never forget, ingrained in my memory forever.

The sensations of this experience will stay with me infinitely. As I sip on my delicious Costa Rican coffee and enjoy the serenity of paradise, I reflect on my wellness experience and realize that this paradise now exists within me.

The Chef has prepared my final gourmet breakfast. Just as it has been each and every day, the scenery is incredible – the view, aromas, soundscapes, the fresh air and warm breeze are all breathing life into me.

I am filled with positive energy and powerful intentions. Origins is more than a beautiful luxury lodge, it is an enchanting environment designed to retreat, find peace and renew.

The loving energy and the support that I have received from my healer, the gentleness entire staff and the serenity of the surroundings inspire me to continue on a path of self-love toward a happier life. It has been an incredible experience and a rewarding investment in my wellbeing.

Transfer Bijagua to Liberia Airport

Transfer Bijagua to Liberia Airport

You will be picked up at the lodge for the private transfer to Liberia (Daniel Oduber International Airport) on time for your check-in process with your airline.

*Check-in: 2 hours before your flight departure time.