Huellas in Spanish means footprints;

we want you to leave them at every place you visit: a beach, a trail on the forest, a local town.

Since our foundation in 2001 we believe that through the itineraries we design, we promote cultural and environmental awareness in all of our travelers and suppliers. As you leave your huellas, you will contribute to the purpose of eco-tourism, which is, enjoy the wildlife and local culture of every visited area but also help to its conservation for future generations.

Why to choose a knowledgeable travel designer?

Time saving
Cost effective
Connections with suppliers allowing us special perks for you
24-7 availability (weather in the tropics may change your plans)
Mauricio Esquivel

Founder & Costa Rica Travel Specialist

Mauricio started his passion for the tourism after spending a year in Northeast Ohio during his senior year 1993-94 with AFS Intercultural Programs. After returning home and have made friends all over the world he started a career in the travel agencies and airlines field.

He has worked for tour operators, lodges and a local airline gaining lots of knowledge in Costa Rica´s destinations and attractions. He loves designing and putting attention to small details of every itinerary and is very proud to share his homeland to his clients.

Danny Ugalde

Licensed guide-driver

Danny Ugalde is an enthusiastic tour guide with more than 20 years of experience guiding families, small groups of naturalists, and birdwatchers. His passion is to spot birds and snakes, he has an avid eye for spotting wildlife in the forests and even on the road!

Fabián Alfaro

Licensed guide-driver

Fabián or “Atún” (tuna fish in Spanish) has been guiding for over 20 years all over the country, although his favorite area is Tortuguero National Park. One of his greatest motivations in his work, is to see when visitors take home great memories and a good perspective of his homeland. About himself, he loves to spend time with his family, eat good food and of course… travel!

Eduardo Calderón

Guanacaste driver

With more than 25 years of experience in the tourism industry (restaurants, bars, tourism bus driver) Eduardo is your host after your arrival at Liberia Airport.  He was born in San José but he moved seeking for a more relaxing lifestyle some years ago.  He likes birdwatching at Palo Verde National Park and sharing the culture of Guanacaste to his passengers.  Driving with him at his own peace will give you a relaxing and worry-free trip. He enjoys practicing his English skills with his clients so make sure to practice with him!

Steven Guzmán

UI/UX Designer / Digital Marketing specialist

Steven and Mauricio were high school classmates, then after taking different career paths, they reencountered. Steven is graduated in Arts from the University of Costa Rica and created his own company of graphic designs. After the transition from the print to the digital era, he decided to venture on a new business named StrateG.Digital. He loves the Caribbean of Costa Rica; his favorite beach is Punta Uva but he also likes to travel overseas with his wife. Thanks to him, you are enjoying our website!

Ariana Esquivel

The youngest member

Our newest team member, born in June 2021, we called her our “pandemic treasure”, she came to our lives during turbulent times and cannot be thankful enough because she bright our days at home-office.

Mauricio takes care of Ariana during the mornings while his wife goes to school to teach English to pre-school children.  Even though Mauricio checks e-mails constantly in the morning, during the  afternoon/evening he is more focus at home-office answering e-mails and calls.


Emotional Support Assistant

Zuri (beautiful in Swahili language) our rescued mutt dog, she is always around us taking naps under our desks and begging for a walk out during lunch time! We hope you can meet her if you stop by our home-office!

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