Costa Rican Tamales

As the Christmas holidays approach, families start to plan the traditional “tamaleada” a moment of family gathering and fun.  Grandmothers start the checklist of ingredients, the corn dough preparation, the plantain leaves (to wrap the dough), and selecting the best wood pieces to prepare the firewood (the old cooking way). The preparation of tamales is

Whale Seasons in Costa Rica

Article by Bahia Aventuras our trusted tour operator in the south. In Costa Rica, there are two seasons to spot humpback whales. They migrate from their feeding areas in the North and South Americas to our warm tropical waters for mating. These whales are characterized as being very sociable, but usually travel alone or with

Sea turtles have inhabited the land for more than 100 million years, in their long stay on the planet, they have managed to survive various climatic changes such as glaciations. Despite having overcome all these, today by actions caused by the same man, they are in danger of disappearing. It is assumed that of every

The Afro-Caribbean

Originally from Equatorial Africa this ethnic group came to Costa Rica at different historical moments and greatly contributed to enrich the culture and idiosyncrasy of the country. Africans accompanied the Spanish settlers in Costa Rica during the discovery of new territories, the settlement of the first towns and the attempt of subjugation on the indigenous.

If you plan to overnight in downtown San José, do not miss a visit to Barrio Escalante, a neighborhood that first grew out of coffee haciendas cracked under modernization and then patched itself into its present incarnation of art-flick theaters, lounges, and restaurants. We can recommend a couple of restaurants such as the iconic Olio

At the west end of the Central Valley, lies Sarchi, a small town surrounded by beautiful coffee estates, known as the crib of national artmanship. This is where the world´s largest oxcart was designed, built and decorated in 2006. A national symbol of our peace and work-oriented culture, the typical Costa Rican oxcart was declared

Walking on the clouds

The community of Monteverde has developed around the highest values of conservation and sustainable use of the natural resources for agriculture and ecotourism. Located in the highlands of the Tilaran Mountain Range, the town of Santa Elena is the most important tourist center. Small and medium size hotels and lodges serve as the control base

Fruits of the tropics

Papaya  –  Carica papaya Native to the American tropics, this is an exceptional fruit to try during your Costa Rica vacation! It has a great flavor and nutritional qualities; the papaya is an important source of vitamins A, B, G and C and is excellent for the digestion. The most common papaya in Costa Rica

Corcovado National Park

Location: Southern side of the Osa Peninsula Importance: The park protects major habitats including a montane forest, which covers more than half the park; a cloud forest, located in the highest region, richly populated by oaks and tree ferns; swamp forests, flooded practically all year-round; a holillo forest, predominated by palms; a mangrove swamp located